Broadfield Primary School Governing Body as of 1st September 2016.

Broadfield Primary School Governing Body is made up of 11 members. As of October 2017, on vacancy exists and has not been filled pending a possible reconstitution of the governing body.

The full governing body meets every half term. The first meeting each term focuses on Local Authority agenda items and the second meeting each term focuses on school strategy related strategy and issues.

Reporting into the main governing body is a finance commitee and a curriculum commitee that meet half termly.

Currently no governor holds a governing body position at another school.

Name Role Appointed Expiry Last Attended DBS
Mrs Patricia Stennett Headteacher 01.09.2006 01.09.2026 30.11.2017 Yes
Mr Peter Forshaw  Co-opted  08.10.2015 07.10.2019 30.11.2017 Yes
Mrs Georgina Andrewes Co-opted (Chair) 08.10.2015 07.10.2017 30.11.2017 Yes
Mrs Elaine Carroll Co-opted 08.10.2015 07.10.2019 30.11.2017 Yes
Mr Martin Griffin Co-opted 08.10.2015 07.10.2017 15.11.2017 Yes
Mr Mohammed Zahid Co-opted 08.10.2015 07.10.2017 19.10.2017 Yes
Mrs Lorna Philip Local Authority 24.09.2014 23.09.2018 27.09.2017 Yes
Mrs Elisabeth Farrand Parent 24.10.2008 23.10.2018 19.10.2017 Yes
Mrs Carol Walker Staff 17.06.2016 17.06.2020 30.11.2017 Yes
Ms Uzma Bibi Parent 02.02.2017 02.06.2019 30.11.2017 Yes



Register of Business Interests - PDF

Training Undertaken by Governors - PDF


All matters are handled at full governors meetings apart from the following commitees:

Curriculum - Miss E Farrand, Miss L Phillip, Mr P Forshaw, Mrs C Walker, Mrs E Carroll, Ms U Bibi

Finance - Mr M Griffin, Mr M Zahid, Mr P Forshaw, Mrs C Walker, Mrs G Andrewes, Ms U Bibi

Complaints/Pay/Staff Discipline/Significant Change/Grievance - Miss L Phillip, Mr M Griffin, Mr M Zahid, Mrs G Andrewes

Appeals - Mr P Forshaw, Ms U Bibi, Miss E Farrand

SEND - Mrs N Bibi, Mrs G Andrewes


As of October 2017 we have appointed lead governors as detailed below:

Analyse Information and Data - Mr P Forshaw

Child Protection - Miss L Phillip

Closing the gap for EAL learners - Mrs E Carroll

Early Years/Foundation - Mrs E Carroll

English - Miss E Farrand

Financial Health and Efficiency - Mr P Forshaw

Health and Safety in Education - Mr M Zahid

Human Resources Education Policy - Miss L Phillip

Link Governor - Mrs E Carroll

Mathematics - Mr M Zahid

P.E. - Miss L Phillip

Safeguarding of Children including PREVENT Duty - Miss L Phillip

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) - Mrs G Andrewes


If you are interested in becoming a school governor and would like to know more then please watch this video: Inspiring Governance - Would You Believe?

Contact Info



Ms PA Stennett (Headteacher), Broadfield Primary School, Goddard Street, Oldham, OL8 1LH


(0161) 665 3030


(0161) 624 9445

Please contact Mrs C Charnock - Business Manager or Ms P.A Stennett for any queries/further information.