Remembrance Day

This week in school one of our main focusses was to learn about Remembrance day and the significance of the poppy. The children were set independant learning to research and produce a piece of work (however they chose to do this) to show what they had learnt. Some amazing pieces were produced. You should all be very proud! Thank you also to the parents who aided their children.

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Afternoon Tea

On Thursday 9th November one of our governors, Mrs Andrewes, joined Mrs Despard, Ms Stennett, Mrs Walker and the school councillors for afternoon tea.


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Year 5 and 6 Football

On Tuesday 17th October both the boys and girls year 5 and 6 football teams took place in theirs respective finals. After many hard fought and gruelling matches both teams finished second out of the 18 teams! Well done to all of those that took part!


On the 5th October Oak and Elm class were visited by some of the local firefighters from the Hollins Road Firestation. They came to talk to them about being keeping themselves and their families safe (especially with bonfire night approaching). As well as having a little fun with the hose!!

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