During the lead up to the general election this week, Mrs Despard and the School Councillors held a meeting to decide which political parties they wished to represent. Four parties were chosen: Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party. The School Councillors then took part in a democratic vote which decided the leaders for each party. The children independently researched their chosen party and studied their manifestos. Having selected what they decided were their main points the children produced power points and visited each class in turn to try to persuade voters to vote for them.

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All KS2 pupils voted and the results are as follows:

Mohsin Ali – Green Party  31

Haleema Ali Mehmood and Ella McLaughlin – Liberal Democrats  42

Rahath Abdul and Abbas Rafique – Conservative  54

Muskaan Arfan and Ying Shi – Labour  63

Congratulations Labour! Our winning candidates!

We would like to congratulate all children who took part – it was a very close call and all parties performed much better in our school than many of the representatives around the UK!


They’re hot on your heels!


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