Hello and Welcome to Broadfield Primary School. We hope that you have had a lovely  holiday. 

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Session Times

Morning session: 8.45am – 11.45am. The gates will be opened at 11.40 and closed at 11.55am.

Afternoon session: 12.15pm – 3.15pm.  The gates will be opened from 3.10 until 3.25.

Please ensure you arrive promptly at the start and end of the session. If you arrive late for your child and the gates are locked, your child will be waiting in the office for you.

We are happy for you to bring your child into the classroom to see that they are settled and support them with writing their name. However, I would appreciate that you leave the classroom promptly when asked, to enable the children to begin their learning.


Attendance and Punctuality

Please ensure that your child is here every day and on time. If your child is going to be absent from school please ring the office.

School Uniform

Please ensure your child comes to school with the correct uniform.

BOYS – Grey/Black trousers, Yellow polo shirt, Blue School jumper and Black shoes (not trainers), and black or grey socks.

GIRLS – Grey/Black skirt or trousers, yellow polo shirt and black flat shoes (no trainers or heels), and black or grey socks.

Please ensure you put your child’s name in all items of clothing, as this helps us to return items which get lost.


PE day is Monday. Children will not need a kit for PE as they will just remove jumpers, socks and shoes.

Jewellery should not be worn in school apart from one pair of small stud earrings and a watch.

NO jewellery can be worn for PE.

Doodle sticks

This is a fun activity which the children are absolutely loving. The children choose their favourite colour of a ribbon stick and then find the matching coloured spot to stand on. Then the music begins … the children move their ribbons in different ways to the music, each movement has a name. This activity enables the children to develop their gross motor development in using the large scale of movements whilst dancing with their ribbon. The movements are also training the children’s arms to move in a specific direction. These movements are the ones we will then use to form our letters correctly.

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Outdoor learning

This is an important part of the children’s learning in nursery. Our outside learning environment provides the children with an opportunity of learning things in a different way that the indoor classroom allows them to. Outdoor learning provides us with the perfect opportunity of developing our gross motor skills and also helps to explore and understand the world we live in. The children love exploring to see what they can find and learn to understand.

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Retelling stories

This is an important activity as it enable the children to begin to understand how stories are structured and in joining in with the repeated phrases, their communication and language skills develop too.


The children have enjoyed sharing stories. We talk about the different features of the book. They find the different covers and the title. We also talk about the difference between the text and illustrations. We then read the book together talking about what is happening and what they think might happen next. 

We will be sending  library books home soon. Please enjoy sharing these books with your children.

Please try and spend a few minutes every day reading to your child. Encourage them to talk about what is happening in the pictures as well as listening to the words.

Library books will be changed on a Thursday.

Dates to note

25th May - Summer half term
20th July - Summer holiday

If you have any worries or concerns about your child please do not hesitate to come in and speak to a member of staff. Thank you.

Class Teacher – Miss Procter
Support Staff – Mrs Bibi, Miss Brown, Mrs Rowlandson and Mrs Thompson