Hello and Welcome

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Mrs Hales, Miss Murray, Mrs Wolinowska, Miss Begum and Mr Healey

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Attendance and Punctuality.

Morning sessions start at 8.45 - 11-45

Afternoon sessions start at 12.15 - 3.15.

Please ensure that your child is here every day and on time. Being on time ensures that your child has enough time to settle and ready for their session.

School Uniform

Please ensure your child comes to school with the correct uniform –

BOYS – grey / black trousers, yellow polo shirt, blue school jumper and black shoes (not trainers).
GIRLS – grey / black skirt or trousers, yellow polo shirt and black flat shoes (no trainers or heels).
Boots are not school uniform.
Jewellery should not be worn in school apart from one pair of small stud earrings and a watch.

Please remember to bring a bag with spare clothes, nappies/underwear.
Please can you make sure your child is wearing a coat, as the weather can be unpredictable.

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Our theme:

Our theme for this term is Identity. We have been doing lots of different activities to learn about who we are.

Our Writing and Mathematics

In Mathematics we will be:
Learning to count in different ways and looking at different shapes and colours. We will also be looking at 'little' and 'big'


Literacy- Mark making:
We will be encouraging the children to hold their pens like Pinchy Parrot and encouraging the children to make marks in different ways.

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Each day we sit together to listen to a listen to a variety of stories. The children can also access the books in our jungle themed book area. To help at home please try and spend a few minutes every day reading to your child. When sharing books please encourage your child to talk about the pictures.

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Please can you start to put pull ups on your child as we will be encouraging them to go to the toilet and being independent.

Dates to note

27th October  2017 - Half Term

20th December 2017 - Christmas Holiday